Sunday, October 12, 2008

Columbus Day Sales

I went camping two nights ago.  I was cold the entire time.  Not only did the temperature dip into the 30s it was WINDY.  It is especially cold when the warmest thing you’ve brought is a hoodie you’ve borrowed from your husband. I have plenty of cute little jackets and one black trench coat that I got 6 years ago for $40 at a T.J. Max, but none of these items are warm enough – or functional enough for a camping trip.  I do live in San Diego, but I’ve already needed a warm jacket several times in the last year.   



I’m going to go shopping Columbus Day sales tomorrow, but to make sure I know what is a good deal.  I decided to start with a little research.  From the Sunday paper I learned that JCPenney has a sale of 55% off women’s outwear.  Macy’s advertised a big sale and included a 10-15% off coupon.


Next I went on line and found -


Burlington Coat Factory has coats at $30 for about 60% off. 


Sears – outwear 50% off


I’ll report back tomorrow!

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