Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun with Makeup - Day Looks

Style One

Below is one of my easiest day looks. It's what I wear when I don't feel like wearing make-up, but still want to hide any skin imperfections. It can be done in two minutes or less. And it only requires 2-3 products.

I start with a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Smooth over entire face and blend into neck. If needed apply concealer under eyes or on any blemishes. Apply a single coat of dark brown mascara (for blonds and red heads) or black mascara (for brunettes).

Style Two

For a slightly brighter look start with the steps outlined above and then add eye shadow along your lash line. Apply a pink shade of lip gloss. Finish off with a healthy dusting of pink blush along your cheekbones.

Style Three

Next is a low key look that emphasizes your eyes. After you apply, your tinted moisturizer, concealer, and mascara, carefully draw a cat eye line on your upper lash line using liquid liner. If you're hopeless with liquid liner you can take an eyeliner brush and use eye shadow instead, however, liquid liner can be conquered by anyone. Use your non dominant hand to hold your eyelid. Rest your other elbow on a hard surface and slowly draw short lines on your eyelid. Connect those lines. Thicken the line right above the middle of your eye. I often use the side of the brush instead of the tip. With my eye closed a little liner will often seep onto the bottom lash. This gives a very faint definition that I really like. If there are any mistakes dip a q-tip in makeup remover and clean up the line. Dust a little bit of a light colored blush on your cheekbones and finish with lip balm.