Thursday, October 16, 2008

Columbus Day Purchases

I went Columbus Day shopping looking for a coat, but I also wanted to keep my eyes open for Christmas presents.  


The only coat I really liked was 55% off, but unfortunately, it was still $81.  I've decide

d to wait for after Thanksgiving specials.  I don't think I'll need it until December anyway.

The coat was similar to this one, but it had an inner vest layer that you could zip up and leave the outer zipper open.  It was warm and didn't make me feel like a plump penguin, but I’m not ready to spend that much until I check out other options.


What I did find was the most adorable little girl outfit for my soon to be arriving niece.  It’s so much fun to buy for little girls!  I already have some great outfits I picked up at an outlet store for 40% off, but this outfit was an even better deal.  I found it at Macy's.  It was reduced to $4.99 from $32.00.  That's a savings of just about 85%.  :)


Kathryn! said...

I like this. What a neat idea! My response to the columns I read in magazines, "yeah... I could buy that... if I sold my car."

Fashion, Philosophy, and Reality said...